Bourbon Street Blues: a quick tour of NOLA

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In Fall 2016, my work took me to a conference in New Orleans, LA. I stayed with several colleagues in a renovated mansion (okay, just super big house) in the Treme District. It was GORGEOUS. That area is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, but it had some houses that were just stunning.

The biggest party animal in our house

The opening night of the conference, we had dinner at Mardi Gras World. It was right on the river (or maybe the bay?) We got to see a lot of the floats and décor for the big Mardi Gras parade. That night (or possibly the next) several of us also did an escape room (Escape My Room; we did the Jazz Parlor Room). It was the first time I had done one; I loved it! We had a great time. Since then, I’ve done several escape rooms. This one was neat because there were actually 3 rooms and you had to get out of one to go onto the next. It’s down a random alley and can easily be missed, just a warning! It’s a blast and I highly recommend it. And we escaped-the room only has a 38% escape rate, so that’s a major win in my book!

Version 2
Version 2

During the conference we were mostly at our incredible home when not conferencing. Near the end, we walked around the French Quarter. It’s full of life: shops, bars, restaurants, and of course-Café Du Monde (more about that later).

One night, a friend and I wandered to the infamous Bourbon Street. While it was neat to see such a well-known place, I’m fine never seeing it again. It seemed dirty and it smelled horrible. Maybe we missed the best bars? We found a place with a balcony overlooking the street. That was actually really neat, being able to have a drink while looking onto Bourbon Street.


A few nights later, we all headed to Frenchman Street-we were told this is like Bourbon Street but for the 30+. And maybe it’s because I’m 30+, I loved it. The bars were lively and had a great vibe. There was also the Frenchman Art Market—people selling jewelry, paintings, and all sorts of other creations.


Willa Jean is a fantastic place to eat in New Orleans. It was so good I ate there twice. The food is amazing, the vibe is kickback and chill. I highly recommend it!

Café Du Monde is a must-visit for beignets. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’m not a foodie, and when people told me to go here, I usually said “Eh, I’m not a dessert person and food just isn’t my thing”. I’m so glad that on my last night. I decided to tell my co-worker/ partner-in-travel-crime JoLynn that I wanted to stop there and try the beignets. They are incredible. I had 3 with a small glass of chocolate milk (which I love); it was a great way to end my time in New Orleans.


My trip to New Orleans was really short and I am eager to go back and see it more. If you are limited on time, see the French Quarter. It’s the best area and the quintessential New Orleans experience. I can’t wait to go back and see it again and have more time in town!

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