My name is Kendra, and I love traveling and flamingos. I’m a California girl, and  have been traveling for my whole life. As a kid, my family camped all the time and it seemed like every summer we took a road trip somewhere. Exploring other places is my blood!

me and my original travel crew

In high school, I went to Mexico every year to build playgrounds and got in a travel fix that way. As a poor college kid, I didn’t get to travel much, but I squeezed in trips where I could. When I went to grad school, I started traveling for conferences. When I started going to cool places (like Vancouver, BC! Sunny Florida in the middle of freezing February!) I started making more of a point to make time to explore the city I was in. First it was a few hours, then a day, and now I usually make sure I have a day to a week. I am lucky enough to get to travel for my job, but I also travel on my free time as well. My friends and family often ask “Where to next?” and know that I don’t often put my luggage up and out of the way-I’m just going to need it again soon!


I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to share my adventures with family and friends, but also to share the places I’ve been and my recommendations for anyone that may want to visit there. Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy sharing my adventures with me.

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