Mission San Jose

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I got so caught up in my fall travels that I forgot to write about the last mission I saw on my 3-mission tour in March! After Mission San Juan Bautista, I was off to my last mission for the day, Mission San Jose. For those of you that might get there using “Waze” make sure to look up the actual mission and not Mission San Jose High School—Waze was taking me to the high school and I drove right by the mission! Luckily I stopped in time and was able to park right in front of it.

Despite its name, Mission San Jose is located in Fremont, just north of the city of San Jose.

I love taking photos with the mission bells.

The mission had a small gift shop with some rooms to walk through. One of them featured some mission projects.

history of Mission San Jose
mission projects
map of the Ohlones in the San Jose area

In between the museum portion and the church, there was a peaceful garden area.

taking a moment in the garden

And then there was the church! It was similar to the other mission churches. I  think by then, I was a bit tired of my tours, and honestly, there wasn’t any “spectacular” about this mission. But, it was my 7th mission visit, meaning I am 1/3 of the way through my goal to see all the missions!

tracking my visits


  1. Dianne Sullivan Reply

    Love traveling via your blog along with you on your mission tours. I so enjoy your pictures of the missions!

    • Kendra Reply

      Thanks Dianne! It’s been fun to visit them, I’m learning more about them as I go!

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